Update and Snow


Photo for visaA brief update: Waiting is hard. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to leave than was first anticipated. Today I used my photography skills to set up a mini-studio in my parents’ home to take a photo of myself for the visa. It was specified that said photo needed to be 4cmx6cm and have a red background. So I set up tripod and camera, then crafted my background next to a lamp and ran back and forth using the self timer. I suspect not many people would have as much fun taking a self-portrait like that.

Now, to the snow. The state of Washington has been hit with a winter storm, bringing snow across the state. Earlier today I frolicked in the white powdery landscape, knowing a month from now I’ll be daily experiencing much warmer temperatures, trading the winter season for the wet season.

Below is a video I made at the end of December. Although with the most recent winter storm, the mountain pass has a lot more snow, I post this to show the beauty of the mountains in Washington state…and the snow. In the future, I hope to post more videos, as time and bandwidth from Indonesia allow.

Leaving Behind

Forest Fungi by professor megan
Forest Fungi, a photo by professor megan on Flickr.

In addition to the future experiences of life, culture, etc. in Indonesia, I intend to write about the process to get there. I also want to write about my life now—the community, the place, my routines—as a window into what I will be leaving behind. (this is also a clever test to cross-post from my Flickr photo account)

So here is a beautiful image of fungi, typically found in the Pacific Northwest. I took this photo on a recent backpacking trip in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Although I won’t be missing this particular fungus, I am indeed attached to the natural beauty of this area.

The rest of the photos from that set can be found here.