Giving Thanks

culture, teaching

The Thanksgiving holiday has just passed in America. I can give thanks for so much in my life here, but I admit that I do miss my family, and the traditions of Thanksgiving. We gather as family, we share a meal, and we live and share our abundance.

I am thankful for my students of the deaconess school, whose sweet smiles and generous hearts light up my life. They are smart young women, diligent to study, and persevere through life’s difficulties both at this school and at home. And their voices…so beautiful. They all participate in the formal choir, and memorize a book full of their songs. However, in their Batak culture, singing is important, so they are always singing something. Not every one of them love to sing, of course, but together they share so much through song. I have assembled a sampling of clips from a few of the many songs—in Batak, Bahasa Indonesia, and English. I’m thankful for each one of them, and for the beauty of music.