Meeting Krishna

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For some of my posts now, I want to profile a few of the people I’ve met along my journeys. I traveled in India from the end of December 2008 to mid-January 2009. It was an amazing experience that cannot simply be wrapped up in few words.  Here is one story I wrote about an unexpected encounter as I traveled in the southern state of Kerala.

Meeting Krishna
8 January 2009 — Kumily, Kerala, India

Kumily appeared to be a busy junction in the middle of Kerala’s spice and tea region. The market was overflowing with tea and spices and the streets full of travelers from far and wide. I had purchased my spices from a shop and stepped outside to wait for my friend. I observed the scene–typical of Indian life there were people, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and animals occupying the same road. Inspired, I pulled out my camera for a photo of the busy street life.

Then a man robed in orange cloth approached me. “How are you liking India?” he said joyfully. He was thin and his robes bore signs of wear and long use. As I looked into his bearded face, I wondered if he was about my age.