Preparing a Lesson

culture, language

I am currently in a seminar about teaching English to speakers of other languages. The third and final intense weekend is fast approaching, and tomorrow I, along with the 17 others in the course, will teach a 20 minute lesson of our choosing.

My lesson is “going to the market”, teaching about quantifiers and count/noncount nouns. Blessed to be in Seattle with a wonderful market such as Pike Place, I took a walk with my camera, as I like to do from time to time. Below is a photos of some vegetables. Notice shallots, potatoes, peppers; but it’s garlic and ginger. We don’t say two garlics, rather two cloves of garlic or, for an insanely garlic recipe, two cups of garlic. Garlic is a noncount noun.

I love Pike Place…Fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, flowers; always multiple languages being spoken; sometimes a clear view of the Olympic mountains across the Puget Sound. I will definitely miss this market and all of Seattle’s farmers’ markets. And what a great bonus that they also provide some educational opportunities.

And one more (one fish, two fish…):