More photos from HKBP Nommensen University

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Here are some more photos from the week I was teaching in Siantar. It was a busy week, but a good time. I look forward to returning next month for more:

Above, I’m introducing myself to a English conversation class. This time I was there to observe, but always have the opportunity to say who I am and where I’m from.

I was supposed to observe this class on listening comprehension. However, when the lecturer did not come, it became a time for cultural exchange as I answered there questions and shared about American culture. Then I asked them to sing a Batak song for me.

at the women's dormitory
These lovely students in the above photo, live at the women’s dormitory near campus. The housemother is also a deaconess. Not all of these students are studying English, but they were all happy to talk with me and pose for a photo.

A Week in Siantar

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I have had a busy week. I left Balige last Sunday night for Siantar, a city about 2.5 hours away. While in Siantar (full name is Pematang Siantar, but it is commonly referred to as just “Siantar”), I taught English Conversation classes at the HKBP Nommensen University, as well as attended other classes in the English Department. Each day I was busy teaching, observing, and sharing about culture. The students were very happy to have a native speaker of English and had many great questions for me.

I will return to Siantar at the end of June for more teaching and observing. I am in Indonesia primarily to teach at the Deaconess School in Balige, where I have already been for almost 2 months, but I hope to be able to help the students and the teachers in the English Department at Nommensen University in whatever ways I can.

Below is a video. I was supposed to observe in a Listening Comprehension class, but the professor was not there. So, we had a session on cultural exchange instead. I took questions from the students about myself and about American culture. Then I asked them to sing for me. Here they are singing a Batak song.

A class on English conversation. There isn’t enough classroom space, so some lectures are in the auditorium at the same time.

And here is one photo from my teaching. Technical difficulties on the upload are preventing me from posting more than one at this time. Hopefully that will not continue to be a problem.

Other news to share: I finally have a work visa and residence permit. Last week I also completed paperwork so that I have a re-entry permit into the country again. I am very thankful for all the help from Nommensen, who has sponsored my visa.