A Blessed Sending


Last night I was blessed to be in the company of my church community for the last time (for at least 2 years). As with the blessing of the waiting time earlier this month, and as we have done for many Apostles on their own journeys, my community laid hands upon me and prayed for this new venture and calling.
Sending Megan
For more than seven years I have called Church of the Apostles home. What an amazing time—the Living Room storefront, starting the Fremont Abbey, intentional community houses, retreats, discernment groups, and partying in the Resurrection; we created liturgy, had faith, shared doubt, lived uncertain futures, had some miscommunications, celebrated, felt our brokenness, lived new life—so much life together. Though I am leaving the physical connection to friends and worship space, I am still an Apostle. This parting is both ending and beginning.

Click the link below to see below for a few more pictures from the sending:



I am in the waiting time. And as it is the season of Advent, I am also waiting for the birth of Christ, God with us. As I anticipate serving in Indonesia (in 2 months!), and meeting the beautiful community there, I also hold dear my community in Seattle. This photo is from my home, my community of Church of the Apostles. During every worship, we have a time called “open space” when we are free to move about, pray, sit—whatever. There are always places for us to reflect.

Blessed 3rd week of Advent.