Spring 2022

Emerging from winter, opening to spring. Photos taken in Skagit Valley and Guemes Island in Washington state, April 28-30, 2022.

At Guemes Island in Anacortes, WA

4 responses to “Spring 2022”

  1. Megan, Thank you for sharing! Those are absolutely beautiful photos. Also love your picture even if you are rooting for the Seahawks. Just remember when they beat the Packers!
    Thank you so much!
    Peace, Judi

    • Thanks, Judi! I still have a soft spot for the Packers, but gotta cheer on my hometown team :)

  2. Those are some amazingly beautiful pictures in the Skagit Valley, Megan—thank you for sending them! I especially like the one of your dear self.

    So you’ve been recently in the Skagit Valley, and we’re living in Bellingham—wish we could have connected somehow. It’s good to hear from you.

    Sten and I moved from our long-time Lynnwood home to Bellingham a year ago, as we were out of money and needed to sell our house. It’s so beautiful and peaceful here, in a rental house three blocks from the water. I find myself looking often at these wide-open skies, especially now, with all the sunshine we’ve been having. We lived in Bellingham for awhile several decades ago, and since then I’ve thought of Bellingham as grey and cloudy, but it surely isn’t grey here these days (climate change, I think).

    We’re living just a short drive from our daughter Andrea and her boy Gabe, and our older daughter, Kristi and her boy, Kaelen, live not too far away in the Skagit Valley. Karen, a good friend and former roommate from nursing school days, lives not far from here, and it’s good to be close to people we know.

    You are such a wonderful artist, and I’m so happy to benefit from your photography skills :*). I would love to see you if you’re up this way—let me know.

    Sending love your way, Jackie

    • Hi Jackie,

      It was a quick trip at the end of my Spring Break. I hope to be passing through Bellingham this Summer in July. I will keep in touch. Would be great to see you again!


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