Blog resumes

Several drafts and ideas for posts have sat unfinished over the past year. Days, weeks, and months passed, with occasional attempts to start writing again; however, each time if I started at all, I found I lacked the concentration to follow through. A few sentences here, a blank page there, an empty and scattered mind throughout. The absence was not only in sharing blog posts, but also in my personal journal writing as well. I hope now to finish those posts and resume writing.

This year, 2020, has been a wild ride. The United States is still in the midst of high rates of infection from the COVID-19 virus and I have been more or less staying home since early March. There is much to unpack here, and soon, in addition to catching up with stories from China, I hope to post a gallery of art painted on boarded up buildings in Seattle. Until then, here is one, a sign of the times.

“Stay Home. Stay Healthy.” Painted at Broadway and E Pike, Seattle, WA

And as always, I remain grateful for much in this life. Back in April there were signs put up in a local park and this one was one of my favorites.

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