Nearing the end…

A quick update from Kuala Lumpur airport again. I spent a week in Sri Lanka and experienced (among other things) the presidential election. More thoughts on that later, but I am happy for a peaceful outcome and hopeful for the future of the country.

So, an overview of where I’ve been in the past 5+ weeks:
Brief 12-hour overnight layover in Taiwan, a week in Cambodia, a week and a half in Thailand, 12 days in Indonesia, and a week in Sri Lanka.

Now I start the journey back to the US, going the other way and thus at the end of it, I’ll have completed all the way around the world. I started this morning in Colombo, Sri Lanka; now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; soon bound for Frankfurt, Germany; then onward to US soil, first landing in Chicago. It’s a crazy long list of connections, but I designed it that way on purpose.

Here’s the sunset on my last day in Sri Lanka:

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