Helping my friend Diva

One of the amazing things about my life is that I have met many great people in many places around the world. During the last two years in Indonesia was no exception. I have many friends in the country, and after I run the half marathons in Cambodia and Thailand, I will go back to Indonesia for a few weeks.

This is Diva at school
This is Diva at school

Below I share a link to a GoFundMe site I created. One of the friends I made is raising her grand-niece. The parents divorced and abandoned their child, Diva. So Diva lives with her great-aunt who is retiring. The small pension she is about to receive isn’t enough to cover the costs associated with Diva’s school. Every time I visited them, Diva’s great-aunt took care of me, often taking me out to lunch. I’m so grateful for that help and support and I want to return the favor. My goal is to collect some money through my generous friends and supporters so I can give directly to them to help Diva for her future. Here’s the link: Help Diva go to School

Keep reading the blog for updates about the adventure–race and travel updates, as well as a little about the friends I’ll be visiting along the way. Thanks.

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