Announcing a new adventure

I have been busy, so this update will be brief until I can finish the drafts of more interesting posts. Briefly put, I have had difficulty securing a job after returning from Indonesia, and in this time of waiting I decided to make goals and put my creativity to use.

Here we go: I’ve redeemed a stockpile of airline miles (from a lot of travel plus travel hacking). In December I’ll be running 3 half marathons (that’s 3 x 13.1 miles/21km) in Cambodia and Thailand.

  • 7 December: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Siem Reap, Cambodia (running 13 miles around ancient ruins? Yes, please!)
  • 14 December: Thailand International Half Marathon in Bangkok, Thailand (Significantly less scenic, as it is an out and back on a highway bridge in the middle of Bangkok, but it’s an adventure).
  • 21 December: Chiang Mai Half Marathon in Chiang Mai Thailand (I’m not in shape to do the full marathon here, but it’ll still be a nice run in the city).

After that, I’ll be visiting friends in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. And great bonus: even though I’ll be traveling in Asia, the whole journey is around the world. I leave from the US through Seoul and Taipei to Phnom Penh, and return to the US from Kuala Lumpur through Frankfurt, Germany to North America.

There’s more purpose to this than just travel and running, but for today this will have to suffice. Stay tuned and feel free to add and follow along via email.

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