Photos from the last few months

More updates about the last few months that I experienced in Indonesia. There was a lot packed into March, April, May, and June, so here’s a tiny preview:

I helped with some retreats:

And then we got to refresh with a nice panorama of Lake Toba:

There were some special Sunday worships from the HKBP (here the women carry their offering of rice in the baskets on their heads):

Including the ordination of 16 new deaconesses:

Taught my students how to make a Indonesian-American style spaghetti (or better put, “Batak spaghetti”–not really Batak food and not really American food, but somewhere inbetween):

Taught an intensive English course in June:

Welcomed visitors from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong:

And continued to enjoy the beautiful Lake Toba:

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