The life of St. Valentine, a Performance

My students are very clever. In our conversation classes, sometimes we talk about culture. When holidays come, it presents a great opportunity for a class discussion, whether it be about certain traditions and customs on a particular holiday or the reasons behind the day.

So, when Valentine’s Day was near, they were, of course, giggly and excited. Sometimes there is banter about boyfriends. (They are young women, mostly 18-22 years old, and their contact with friends outside the school is strictly limited, so I don’t blame them.)

As with other holidays, they wanted an explanation about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Perhaps they were expecting a romantic story, something about love or lovers exchanging gifts. How many Americans have asked this question on Valentine’s Day? I never did.

Within the US, it has become a commercial holiday, that is for sure. Buy this, buy that—flowers, candy, chocolate, diamonds—show her you love her through this product. To be fair, it’s not all about that, and it is good to show our love for one another. (Later, I would point to 1 John 4:7,8 and ask them about showing our love to one another as it is written in Scripture.). I explained that giving valentine cards, and exchanging candy and chocolate is common, and even celebrated in primary schools.

But the story about Valentine isn’t so romantic. Valentino was a real man, and he is honored as a Christian martyr. There was more than one person by the name Valentino, but to make it simple, I chose one story to share with my students. You can read Wikipedia’s explanation here.

I explained to my students the basic story (in a little more detail than this): 3rd century priest blesses the marriage of soldiers (who were forbidden to be married) and is killed for it. And of course also talked about what we do to celebrate love on February 14th (which really has little to do with the martyrdom of St. Valentine).

So, then a few days later there was a special night for a gift exchange among the students. Each of the 3 classes of students gave a performance. To my surprise, the 3rd year students did a role play about the life of St. Valentine. They had taken my account I had given in English, and re-wrote and expanded it in Bahasa Indonesia.

Here are some photos:

Valentino blesses the marriage
Valentino blesses the marriage
Valentino is arrested
Valentino is arrested
Mourning the martyr
Mourning the martyr

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