Arrival and Orientation

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I have been in Indonesia now for 5 days. Much has happened in such a short time. After a long journey from Medan—through towns, forests, and a pot-hole covered road—I arrived in Balige. I was tired from the day’s journey, and the previous day’s journey from the US to Indonesia. As I stepped out of the car at the school, the students gathered and sang in beautiful harmony. Light rain fell, and I listened to them with joy.

The few days that I have been here have been spent getting oriented to the culture—of the school, in Indonesia, and of the Batak people. The students have a rhythm to their days, taking care of daily tasks, morning worship, class time, lunch, and studies. It will be quiet at the school for the next week, as the students are now on Easter holiday. I will use the time to continue with my orientation, to experience more Indonesian culture, and explore the Lake Toba region.

Below is a video of the students singing the day I arrived.

Deaconess School

Deaconess School

Here are a few more photos:

Deaconess School

Deaconess School

Dancing the Tor Tor at the Batak Museum



2 thoughts on “Arrival and Orientation

    1. Hi Elizabeth. After they sang, I asked them to translate, but they were a little bit shy. It’s a hymn, I think, something about praising God.

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