Waiting. And Writer’s Block.

It is December. Somehow time has passed. It now gets dark at 4pm, while a blanket of gray covers the daylight. I have written several drafts of posts, but I haven’t finished any. I sit and stare at the nearly blank screen, sentence half written, and wonder how to communicate this inner process, the slow death of my life here. There are stages to this process…joy, elation, anticipation, anxiety, stress, mourning. There is fun, like imbibing on food (such as coconut porter beer w/a scoop of vanilla ice cream…yeah!), hanging out with friends, and attempting to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Then there is the stress of pulling together many details and signing papers.

I am in a time of waiting, even though there is plenty on my to-do list. Now just under two months until the intended departure from my country, to a new home and new community. My mind races with what I’m letting go, and what I’ll be receiving. But I’m still in waiting about the visa.

Perhaps that I am easily distracted, often tired, and full of so many thoughts, have contributed to my writers block. Until I regain my flow of writing, enjoy this picture below. It is one of the photos I included on the 2012 Calendar I just created. I thought I’d sell a few to my friends at church, and then posted about it on facebook. Well, people took note, and many wanted a copy. I’m so grateful, and it was fun to make. Below is the photo I selected for July—though it was taken in April 2010. I was on a retreat with my beloved community, Church of the Apostles. So those leaping silhouettes are people I care about and will miss…

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